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Ethnic variations Crab

Selasa, 03 Maret 2009

4 tails crab, clean, part 2
1 Spoon maizena, mix with a little water
250 ml water
3 spoon oil for frizzle
fine spices:
15 piece chili ringleted red
8 piece red onion
6 piece garlic
1 spoon tea salt

other ingredients:

4 spoon ginger, chopped
1 spoon oyster sauce
6 cloves garlic
1 spoon tea meroca powder
1 spoon sugar

how to cook:

1. Frizzle smooth flavor with ginger until fragrant.
add water and other flavour, leave to boil
2. I already enter the crab pieces and mixer.
3. cook simmer until cooked crab meat and spices permeate. Taste

it, I have

add to less to appropriate taste.
4. enter the final solution while tpg maizena d poke until sauce

curdle, lift.
5. To serve crab sauce is on the warm condition


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